Singapore Variety Stamp : Year 1971


Do you notice what is the design error for this stamp?


Date of Issue: 14 January 1971,  Description: 15c Commonwealth Member Countries

The design idea is to name all the commonwealth countries is circular arrangement in first alphabetical (See Figure 1) but you will find the country “THE GAMBIA” not in order because initially the designer omit “THE” in design after pointed out by one of the newspaper reader in 1970(See Figure 4).


Figure 1

11_Oct_1970_P4_The StraitsTimes_JPG

Figure 2

11_Oct_1970_P4_The StraitsTimes

Figure 3 (11 October 1971, Page 4, The Straits Times)

14_Oct_1970_P23_The StraitsTimes_JPG

Figure 4

14_Oct_1970_P23_The StraitsTimes

Figure 5 (14 October 1971, Page 23, The Straits Times)

Singapore Variety Stamp : Year 1963




Date of Issue: 3 June 1963,  Description: 10c National Day



Error a: Black color shift down


Date of Issue: 8 August 1963,  Description: 5c South East Asia Cultural Festival

1963 singapre stamp

Singappore 1963 stamp yellow shift

Error a: Yellow color shift

Singappore 1963 stamp broken error

Error b: Broken “3”  constant flaw at P1 1A R8/10


Related Info : 1963 (Aug.) South East Asia Cultural Festival 5c., an imperforate proof affixed to Harrison and Sons presentation card

Singapore Variety Stamp : Year 1986


1986 SIngapore Error Stamp         1986 SIngapore Error Stamp_2

Date of Issue: 17 Dec 1986, Description: 35c International Year of Peace

1986 SIngapore Error Stamp_4

This stamp depicts the map of South-East Asia. Singapore is depicted as a  small dot at the foot of Malay Peninusula. The southern half of Taiwan is accurately included on the top part of the design.

However, the artist has omitted the Hainan island in the design. This island is very much larger than Singapore and is located in the South China Sea, near the Gulf of Tonkin and the south of the Leizhou Peninsula.

Singapore Variety Stamp : Year 2014




Singapore Post is releasing a set of horse stamps on Friday to usher in Chinese New Year. The stamps come in 1st Local, $0.65, and $1.10 denominations, and are the seventh in a set of 12 featuring the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Although this is not error stamp but I would also highlighted the negative design on the horse stamp by the public according the news below:

Lunar New Year stamps was severely criticized, horse chubby, is not Chun, but looks more like a chicken. BEIJING, Jan. 2, according to Malaysia, Guangming Daily reported that Singapore has been severely criticized the Lunar New Year stamps, horse chubby body, Chun did not look, but more like chicken. New Post announced that this year’s Lunar New Year stamps will be launched on Friday (3). Because next year is the Year of the Horse, stamps are designed primarily to horses. Despite that, the design of the stamp on Wednesday (1) Back in the Straits Times exposure, there are readers call the hotline to comment, saying that the design of the stamp seems like a horse. When a reporter asked about public opinion, most people feel that the horse looks really inconsistent with the way they imagined. Choi (52 years, operations manager) said that stamps in horse round bulging belly and orange color, reminiscent of baked chicken. Chen (40 years old, clerks), also said the horse with his imagination does not meet the image of a large horse, not able to accept.
But there are also public respondents expressed appreciation of the creative designers to subvert the image of the horse. Chow (27 years old, administrative assistant) is considered, I believe the designer wanted to add Lovely horses, with the New Year’s atmosphere, so she can accept such a design.
New Post in 2008 launched the second series of zodiac stamps, commemorative Year of the Horse is one of the first seven sets of stamps. This year there are three kinds of stamp design, write, respectively, Andrew, Spring and get off the ground, the words, choose a bright color of yellow, green and pink. Refers to the bulging belly seemed to not run Some respondents felt that bulging belly, horse, it was hard to think of as the ‘vigorous spirit’, etc. Energetic imagery and good luck.
Schilling (47-year-old, self-employed persons) that stamps the horse round the body, head, feet and tail hoof it a little, so that the horse seems fat. At first glance, even thought it was a pig.
I wish the New Year auspicious words are people ‘instant success’, ‘Ma spirit’, I hope the horse is energetic, Pentium thousands of miles, but the design of the horse seems fat, seems to not run, you can not make people feel This bodes well. she said, had wanted to buy stamps, envelopes posted on greeting cards sent to business partners, but it seems unlikely because the horse luck, she will consider using other design stamps. Artist: Head thought it was a monster Who asked not to be named, said in an interview the artist, at first glance this design really does not look like a horse, in addition to its stature too fat, it also does not look like a real horse head, and even people thought it was a monster. He pointed out that perhaps the name of the designer is to do a more creative image, using hyperbole to emphasize the horse, but the idea has crossed the line, you could not feel it was a horse.

Singapore Variety Stamp : Year 1998



 Date of Issue: 20 May 1998, Description: NVI Fragile Forest (Archer Fish)

This is a Singapore Issue, Stanley Gibbons Catalogue # 937, 25th Anniversary of Singapore Zoological Gardens and Launch of New “Fragile Forest” Display. Stamps are multicoloured and printed on Phosphorised paper and self-adhesive with a perforation of 12 x 11.

Singapore takes great pride in whatever they do and mistakes are rare. Being a used stamp, this oversight is indeed rare in that it passed unnoticed through so many hands.

The freak stamp is on the left.