Singapore Variety Stamp : Year 1997


Date of Issue: 19 March 1997,  Description: Jinrickshaw

Singapore Error Stamp 1997 Jinrickshaw

The stamp was first printed litho by Ashton-Potter on 19 March 1997 on gummed phosphorised paper perforated 13½ x 13½ in sheets and miniature sheets. Later, variety was found on this series of stamp especially the brown color missing caused resulted in the loss of country name (Singapore) and lion head logo (top left stamp).

Singapore 1997 Brown Omited Cover

Transport (22c) Jinrickshaw, ERROR ‘Bronze (country name & logo) Omitted’. Extremely fine used on local envelope.


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  1. This issue has another error. I have just unearth one in my collection. The bar code is printed on the stamp itself. Let me know if I am allowed to post a photo of the stamp. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have two other error Sg stamps. Unfortunately, cannot upload the picture here for viewing. One is a 10 cent Yellow map instead of orange (The 1986 Submarine Cable System). Another one is the Blue-spotted Sting Ray. The brown colour is completely absence. My error collection can be viewed at: ( Appreciate if anyone can let me know their catalgue value , if any!)

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