Singapore Variety Stamp : Year 1974


Singapore 1974 Error Stamp_Plan Your Family Small

Date of Issue: 9 August 1974,  Description: 35c Male & Female Symbols

Singapore’s birth-rate is among the lowest in the world. It is estimated that in 2011, there were nearly eight births per 1,000 people. That means without immigration the country’s population will keep falling every year. The usual incentives such as tax cuts and baby bonuses have had little effect. As today (year 2012), the low birth-rate is also having repercussions for business.

However, In 1960s and 1970s, the anti-natalist policies flourished. The Singapore Family Planning and Population Board (FPPB) was established, initially advocating small families but eventually running the Stop at Two programme, which pushed for small two-children families and promoted sterilisation. From 1969 it was also used by government leaders to target lowly-educated and low-income women in an experiment with eugenics policies to solve social concerns. This 70’s mistake policy resulted the low birth-rate and government is still regret how to solve out the problem nowadays.

On 9 August 1974, Singapore has issue a serial of stamp named “World Population Year” to encourage citizen to minimize the birth-rate, but one of the 35c stamp (Plan Your Family Small) found missing “male symbol” on the stamp, this is funny because “man” is leaving the “girl” as it is really can control the family very small.

Singapore Stamp 1974 UPU

Date of Issue: 7 July 1974,  Description: 10c Centenary of Universal Postal Union

Singapore UPU error stamp


Error a: Missing gold, gold shift up, extra gold

Variety (Error) in color control, designed by William Lee; printed litho by Harrison in sheets (10 x 10); 1,200,000 copies issued, few stamps were found in missing gold, extra gold or the gold UPU logo shift up few mini meter from white background.

gold miss

Error b: Block of 4 gold omitted compare to the normal at right side

Singapore stamp 1974 major shift of gold

Date of Issue: 9 June 1974,  Description: 10c Asia Pacific Scout Conference

1974 (June) 9th Asia-Pacific Scout Conference 10c. showing major shift of gold to right


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