Singapore Variety Stamp : Year 1960


Singapore Stamp 1960 flag

Date of Issue: 3 June 1960,  Description: 4c State flag

Singapore Flag Stamp Joint of error

Former Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Toh Chin Chye, who in 1959 headed a committee to conceive and create the National Flag and the State Crest, explained the need for National Symbols in an oral history interview with the National Archives of Singapore.

This stamp is believed to be first error stamp found in the Singapore philatelic history, noticed the country name called “State of Singapore” instead of    “Singapore -Malaya”, the error appear in the joining mark between “o” and “of” in the row R7/2 (constant flaw in the every sheet of stamp).



Additional Information: 13½ x 13½ perfs; multiple St Edward’s crown and block CA sideways watermark; printed litho by Enschedé in sheets (5 x 10); 1,918,175 copies sold.

The above two stamps, released in 1960, are the first stamps depicting new National flag of Singapore to have the words “State of Singapore” printed on them.

Other rare stamp sets:

Imperforate proofs in issues colours on gummed upright watermarked paper, the 4c shows portions of three adjoning stamps and the 10c, two.



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  1. As I understand from history (correct me if I am wrong, I left my history books a looong time ago), on 03 June 1959, Singapore was granted “self government”. Thus stamps issued then no longer showed Singapore – Malaya. The first “self government” stamps were issued on 01 June 1959 to commemorate the new constitution.

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