Singapore Variety Stamp : Year 1962-1966



Although a somewhat awkward mixture of small and large formats, and of subjects, this issue was nevertheless an attractive one by modern standards. Hidden within the designs is mush of sufficient interest to allow  the formation of a specialised collection.

The stamps were produced by the photogravure process, the lower values being printed by Harrison, and the 50c to $5 value by De La Rue. The watermark is Block CA, later printings of the horizontal format values having sideways watermark in common with printings of other Commonwealth countries stamps; the change was due to the decision of the Crown Agents to maintain stocks only of paper showing watermarks reading across the grain.

Plate numbers are all 1A for the Harrison stamps and 1 for the De La Rue, except for part of the last release of $5 stamps, for which Plate 2 was used. The sheet make-up was 100, (10 x 10).

Singapore Stamp 1962 1c

Date of Issue: 10 March 1963,  Description: 1c Aranchnis Maggie Oei

This stamp provides an interesting example of the history of a flaw through the various printings. In the original, there is a large green blob of ink on the flower next to the top left-hand leaf, joining it to the lower leaf. Also, a spray of fine green dots appears aobe on the pink background. It is constant flaw appear on row 5/3.

Singapore Stamp 1962 1c_variety

Error a: Green patch leaf flaw as show from the red arrow

Another Yellow color shift, considered normal in the series of 1962 definitive

Singapore Stamp 1962 1c_variety2

Error b: Yellow color shift down

Singapore Stamp 1962 1c_variety3

Error c: Heavy ribbed paper, can observe the different from the gum side

Singapore Stamp 1962 4c

Date of Issue: 31 March 1962,  Description: 4c Tiger barb

Singapore Stamp black ommited

Error a: Black color omitted,  the first three columns of a sheet were affected. An example sold for £700 plus premiums at an 8 December 2009 Spink auction.

Singapore stamp white spot 1962

Error b: White spot on the pectoral fin (top stamp), constant flaw at row 6/10.

Color miss match 1962 4c Singapore stamp

Error c: block of 4, black color misplaced

1962 Fish stamp singapore 5c

Date of Issue: 31 March 1962,  Description: 5c Clown Fish


Error a: Paper crease (center stamp) and red color shift (all 3 stamps)


Error b: Red color omitted


Error c:  Orange Clownfish fine unmounted mint vertical strip of four, the two middle stamps showing vast proportion of red missing, one with only the faintest.

Singapore 6c stamp 1962

Date of Issue: 31 March 1962,  Description: 6c Acher Fish


Error a: “Y” instead of “T” in the word “JACULATOR” (left stamp)


Error b: White spot in fish head (left stamp, constant flaw)


Error c: Black color shift down

1962 fish error

Error d: Partial yellow missing (bottom Stamp)

$_57 (1)

Error e: Additional perforation misplace at margin

1962 singapore stamp 8c

Date of Issue: 31 March 1962,  Description: 8c Vanda Tan Chay Yan

1962 8c singapore stamp error

Error: Broken “N” on CENTS, constant flaw at Pane 1A Row8/2

10c Fish stamp singapore 1962

Date of Issue: 31 March 1962,  Description: 10c Ikan Bada

Orange Shift Singapore Stamp 1962

Error a: Orange color shift


Error b: Orange omitted


Error c: 10c Fish. Horizontal pair, left stamp ‘Orange omitted’


Error d: A complete UNMOUNTED mint sheet of 100 (10 X 10), vertical rows 5 and 6 with RED-ORANGE OMITTED and row 4 with partial omission (fish tail).

1962 Fish Black Missing

Error e: Black color totally missing. The error affected the last two columns of a sheet.

Singapore 15c 1962 Bird Stamp

Date of Issue: 9 November 1966,  Description: 15c Black-naped Sterna

15c eye missing

Error a:  Orange (from eye) omitted


Error b: Black-naped Tern, marginal, variety stone (shading in wings) omitted, fine unmounted mint

1966 Bird Error Stamp Eye Shift 15c

Error c: Red eye shift up, block of four

1962 Fish Singapore Stamp

Date of Issue: 31 March 1962,  Description: 20c Butterfly Fish

Singapore variety stamp fish color missing

Error a: 20c Orange and blue. ‘Orange Omitted’, Brilliant fresh unmounted mint in vertical pair with normal.

Singapore stamp fish nick in fin

Singapore stamp fish nick in fin1

Error b: Nick in fin, constant flaw at P1 1A R1/1

25c Singapore stamp 1962

Date of Issue: 31 March 1962,  Description: 25c Two-spot Goramy


Error:  Missing dark color resulted in the loss of inscriptions and detail from the fish

1962 30c Singapore Stamp

Date of Issue: 10 March 1963,  Description: 30c Vanda Miss Joaquim

1962 30c Singapore Stamp Yellow Shift error

Error a: Yellow color shift


Error b: Orchid yellow color omitted


Error c: 1962-66 6c. top left corner block of twenty (5×4) with top row showing strip of double paper on reverse; and 30c. block of thirty (3×10) with margin at left showing progressive shift of green to lower left. Also 1971 “Dish” Aerial 15c. marginal block of nine showing silver colour shifted upward by 2mm.

Singapore 1962 Bird stamp $1

Date of Issue: 10 March 1963,  Description: $1 White-throated Kingfisher

Singapore 1962 Bird stamp  $1 error

Error: Black color shift


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