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Singapore Variety Stamp : Year 1971


Do you notice what is the design error for this stamp?


Date of Issue: 14 January 1971,  Description: 15c Commonwealth Member Countries

The design idea is to name all the commonwealth countries is circular arrangement in first alphabetical (See Figure 1) but you will find the country “THE GAMBIA” not in order because initially the designer omit “THE” in design after pointed out by one of the newspaper reader in 1970(See Figure 4).


Figure 1

11_Oct_1970_P4_The StraitsTimes_JPG

Figure 2

11_Oct_1970_P4_The StraitsTimes

Figure 3 (11 October 1971, Page 4, The Straits Times)

14_Oct_1970_P23_The StraitsTimes_JPG

Figure 4

14_Oct_1970_P23_The StraitsTimes

Figure 5 (14 October 1971, Page 23, The Straits Times)